Becoming Riflemen

The text to BECOMING RIFLEMEN can be found below in the post, or to the right in the “Pages” section as a downloadable PDF.

If anyone is able to translate this pamphlet into other languages, please do so.  If you post the content, I will work it into a downloadable version of the language of your choice.


3 Responses to “Becoming Riflemen”

  1. Fred Says:

    Nice effort. “Slope” suggestion is incorrect – because the bullet will strike high, you LOWER your front sight on the target, not raise it.

    And I think you will find a 7 MOA front sight closer to 20″ at 300 yards than at 250.

    Looks like to me there’s a lot of “Project Appleseed” influence at work here. If you are not already volunteering to help out in that (, we could sure use your help.

  2. scuzzy Says:

    Really nice. VERY nice. Are you involved in the Appleseed Project. If so what is your forum handle.

    Thanks again.

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