Becoming Riflemen Printable Booklet Download

Download “Becoming Riflemen” below in booklet PDF format


Download “Becoming Riflemen” below in 8.5×11 PDF format



3 Responses to “Becoming Riflemen Printable Booklet Download”

  1. Mitch Mittower Says:

    Great layout for the new and old shooter.

  2. Steven Brouillette Says:

    Currently several of us are involved in the CMP. Though while we hone our skills, more info (and range time) is always greatly appreciated. One person was trying to explain some info to a “newbie” and he “just wasn’t getting it.” So, I drew what I thought was what I was seeing down range. Bingo!! He got it. Your explanations in the “booklet” are similar, and with some extras details/images. Great job overall. And as some of the other comments state, some adjusting could be done. But, hey, isn’t that one reason why we shoot? Thanks for the info!!

  3. paulbeartil Says:

    hi think they blocked me or something , give them a call there very helpfull

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